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We know that many businesses face a big gap between the kind of employees they need to move the business forward and those that they tend to attract through advertising and conventional recruitment policies. As a business facing a skills shortage, it can be easy to believe that the right candidates simply don’t exist. But that is far from the truth.

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The reality is that the candidates are out there, you just need to be able to reach them in the correct way. And that’s where we come in at Roos Recruitment. We work across multiple sectors, attracting large numbers of skilled and ambitious candidates looking for a mix of part-time, full-time and contract work. Our dedicated teams are experienced in their relevant industries and experts in matching the right candidates to vacant positions.

It’s our experience in the relevant industries in which we work that allow us to deliver exceptional candidates to the right positions, time and time again. If you’re facing a shortfall of staff, then this is what you can expect from our services:

Talented Staff
Icon Quality


All our candidates are vetted and selected based on their qualifications and experience for relevant positions. We never send people for work in positions for which they are not 100% qualified or trained.


We aim to get to know your business, developing an understanding of what makes your business tick. You’ll be working with a dedicated team of recruiters who are experienced in your industry.


We are always up front and honest about what we do. We won’t make promises about staff that we can’t keep. We aim to follow the three Rs – reliability, respectfulness and responsiveness. We support you through the process, helping suitable candidates to settle in and liaise if any issues should arise.

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