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Having the right employees is essential for providing the right kind and level of care to your service users. That’s why here at Roos we work with you to make sure that you have access to a pool of skilled and talented staff who can help to keep your organisation offering exceptional standards of care. Whether you’re looking to fill a permanent position or simply cover a single shift, we can help you access trained and qualified staff who can hit the ground running.

Our expert healthcare team is experienced within the industry and will work with you right through the process. From identifying your needs at the outset, we can source and assess suitable candidates who possess the necessary training and qualifications. Whether you’re recruiting for the NHS, a private healthcare company or local authority, we know that staff are the frontline of everything you do. That’s why we aim to work reliably and responsively to help you access the very best people.

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Staffing requirements in healthcare are often last minute, unsociable or difficult to arrange. So we work with a pool of available people to make sure your needs are covered.


When it comes to healthcare there is no cutting corners. We only work with qualified and trained people, so you can be sure you’re getting staff who can match your care standards.


We work with you from the beginning of any recruitment process, offering ongoing support even after candidates are in place. Our industry experts are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.

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